About Our School

    • The vision of SOUTH SIDE LOWER ELEMENTARY is to meet the individual needs of each student by focusing on the academic and social skills necessary for the development of the whole child in a safe and secure environment.  As our students work toward their academic benchmarks, it is our responsibility as a school, as parents, and as community members to do all we can to help our students be successful…and they will!!!


      Below you will read some interesting facts about our school. As we continue to work together we will see our students succeed.


        • We are a Kindergarten through Second Grade school site.
        • We have 3 Exceptional Education Classes for the district.
        • We have 2 Pre-School Exceptional Education Classes for the district.
        • We have 3 Early Head Start Pre-School Classes on our campus.
        • We have over 250 students enrolled plus over 80 students in our Pre School Classes.
        • We have 19 certified teachers and 23 aides/assistants.
        • We have a nurse on campus.
        • We have a certified speech therapist.
        • We have a Gifted Program for our eligible second graders.
        • We have 2 Computer Labs where iReady, an online reading and math intervention program, is used.
        • We have 4 activities that the students’ rotate through each week: Art, Library, Music, and P.E.

  • Second Grade
    4 Classes:

    Mrs. Sandra Daigle

    Mrs. Stracey Furr

    Mrs. Susan Lozier

    Mrs. Betty Wood

  • First Grade
    3 Classes:

    Mrs. Jade Carpenter

    Ms. Crystal Kendrick

    Mrs. Erin Macdonald

  • Kindergarten
    3 Classes:

    Mrs. Necole Bond

    Mrs. Tessa Sanford

    Mrs. Amy Thompson

  • Exceptional Education
    We have 3 Exceptional Education Classes:

    Mrs. Shelly Cullen

    Mrs. Cynthia Ridgway

    Mrs. Stacey Stewart


    We have 2 Pre-School Exceptional Education Classes:

    Mrs. Lenore Swanson

    Mrs. Destiny Travis

  • Pre-school
      We have one 3 year old class:
          Ms. Valencia Durr


          We have two 4 year old classes"

          Mrs. Inezza Harris

          Mrs. Raegan Sampey